Tuesday, January 1, 2008

National Treasure II

National Treasure II. Yes, I know it has a real, Harry Potter ish name, but the first one was awful, and I'm expecting worse from this one.

Maybe he was good earlier in his career, but right now Nicolas Cage is NOT a good actor. He's annoying, and always looks the same. Why is he possibly the biggest movie star in the world right now? Maybe for the same reason Jerry Bruckheimer keeps getting his name attached to huge budget films. Terrible terrible big budget films.

National treasure tried hard to top the ridiculousness of the first one. They succeeded! Nicolas Cage and his father tell a story about how their great great grandfather was a national hero. Shortly followed by Ed Harris producing proof that he was a conspirator in the death of Lincoln. Gates(Cage) is torn by this information, and starts being heckled in public by people who seem to care about this news.

We now embark upon trying to find the greatest treasure map ever. Or something. I thought this crap left us with Indiana Jones(movies which were actually very well done, I hope Shia doesn't ruin that run). Our heroes break into Buckingham Palace, the White House, and then kidnap the president.

yadda yadda yadda, we find a golden city.

I can't bring myself to give more details. What a bad movie. The only positive is that I just watched 30 days of Night, and it wasn't quite as bad as this tripe.

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