Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Jillians Boston

Jillians Boston. I didn't watch a movie last night, I went out and played pool. I try to go once a week with my friend Dan. Dan is a better pool player than me. When we play for money, I usually find a way to win, but when nothing is on the line I can't find my motivation.

Usually we go to Boston Billiards Club(holy crap is that a bad web site). Good pool tables, easy parking (if you know where to go), the most amazing Buffalo Chicken wrap I've ever had(I eat it with no tomatoes) and comfort. We know the waitresses, we know the managers, we know the players. We know almost everyone there. There's plenty of space and light, it's a known quantity.

We decided to try something new this week. Jillians Boston. I used to go there a lot with my friend Scott, before the format change. I remember good tables, good food, good intangibles. Now, it's a bowling alley. They have a few pool tables, in terrible shape. Ours had a huge "***" stain all over it. The lighting was atrocious (we had to hold the menu over the table to read it) and there was Zero atmosphere. The food was fantastic tho. If I want to go bowling some time, I want to go there and eat. But for pool? I'd stay away.

Had a good or bad experience at either place? Lemme know by commenting. Thanks

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