Monday, May 5, 2008

Top TV Shows

I have done a top 5 Movies list, and I wanted to do a couple of other lists. Movies 6-10 will come some day, probably this summer, I have to really sit down and think about it. First I will do a top 5 TV shows.

I want to provide two Caveats :
1) These are shows I find it most enjoyable to watch. This is not the highest quality shows, as when I was thinking about it, that was too boring.
2) I am not including any cartoons on here, as at least one(not one you'd guess) would be on this list. I am going to come up with a separate list for animation.

1) Seinfeld. Totally cliched but what can I do? If I didn't make it #1 it would be for the sake of trying to be different. No thanks. Seinfeld was consistently funny, and it pervades our culture. Larry David and Jerry gave us phrases, situations, stereotypes, all sorts of things that have really become a part of our lexicon. With four of TV's more memorable characters starring, memorable fringe characters(Newman, Peterman) and a never ending bevvy of beauties Jerry dated, Seinfeld excelled in every way. It was funny the first time, it's funny the second time. Any time Seinfeld is on it's good for a laugh.

2) The Wire. I've said it before, I'll say it again. While the Wire was on, it was the best show on television. I've seen many many shows, movies, plays, etc. The Wire was simply amazing. Terrific cast, writing, pace, set, stories. Just so well done. If you didn't watch the Wire, you can't take violence, or you're simply crazy. Only two options.

3) Flight of the Conchords. Genius, pure Kiwi genius. Bret and Jemaine(real and character names) are each terribly funny. Their interactions are funny. Their manager Murray is hilarious, and how he handles the band, his life, and his job are original and knee slapping. Mel is creepy and endearing at the same time, and I like the music so much I bought the CD. If you like quirky comedy, you should certainly check it out.

4) To Catch a Predator. I enjoy laughing at the discomfort of others, and predator is jam packed. Weird, creepy guys, overzealous cops. And the justifiably smarmiest TV show host this side of Gene Rayburn. I just can't get enough of these guys begging Chris Hansen for mercy and telling him about their families, good jobs, and responsible lives, outside of the whole sex-with-12-year -olds habit.

5) High Stakes Poker. Strange choice here. But, if you consider that there are a spate of poker shows out there, and this is the only one that gets it right it makes sense. Gabe Kaplan is blessed with a comedic mind, and a wealth of poker knowledge and experience. His rapport with AJ Benza is pure gold. High Stakes Poker is played with the largest stacks, and it's a cash game so there's a higher quality of play. They get all of the biggest name professionals, as well as amateurs ranging from dead money(LV gynecologist Dr. Amir Nassiri) to ringers (Cirque de Soleil creator Guy Laliberte). Poker After Dark is fun, but it's a tournament format and there's a severe lack of commentating. HSP is the best of a burgeoning genre, and I love to watch it.

Notably left off :

All animation, see above.

Little Britain. Terrific, hilarious show. However, the recent emergence of That Mitchell and Webb Look makes it less unique. Still terrific, but got bumped out of the top 5

The Office. Terrific show. I don't miss it. It's terribly funny, but I can't separate out the US and UK versions well enough, and similar humor can be seen in other Carell and Gervais projects.
Extras is terrific too.

The Ultimate Fighter. Great reality TV, without most of the contrived drama. And good UFC action. There's a lot to like here, it's just not a ton better than Top Chef or a few others, so it didn't quite make the top.

More later, I'd love to hear your opinions.

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Dan and Heike Boisvert said...

No Question. Seinfeld has to be #1. I love the amount of information about Seinfeld on Wikipedia: