Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay

Harold and Kumar 2. I loved the first one, so did my dearest Mugs. Wed has become date night(no more trivia) so we went to the rustic Capitol Theater in Arlington to see the latest installment. Found a good parking spot, bought some popcorn and Sierra Mist, giddy up.

As we watched the previews, the only other people in the theater were three teenagers, who talked loudly and seemed to be texting each other from adjacent seats. As the movie began, a few more groups of 20 somethings stomped(literally) in, and Margo and I got the impression we were the only ones there who weren't high(or on something).

HK2 picks up mere days(possibly hours) after HK1, their plan to go to Amsterdam now ready to go. Kal Penn is his usual irresponsible genius self, these two kind of remind me of Vince Vaughn and John Favreau. Though I guess a lot of 'buddy films' have a similar dynamic. Lots and lots of stupid humor here, which I liked.

Drug jokes, kneeing in the balls, and tons of gratuitous nudity. Neil Patrick Harris again helps out our dynamic duo, and we're treated to the over-the-top comic stylings of Rob Corddry(and a short but funny cameo from Ed Helms). One thing neither of us liked was the prolonged scene with 'George Bush'. Not necessary and not very funny to be honest, though there was one memorably funny line that I can't really repeat here.

If you like Kal Penn, or John Cho, or Harold and Kumar, or drug movies, go see it. Very funny. Margo wasn't crazy about it, if she can put together her counterpoint I'll put it up. Also, please note the slight format change on the left. Thank you :)

Here's Margo's short response

I agree with Cris on many of the points especially the parody of
"George Bush." The whole "our president is stupid," just isn't working
for us anymore as a country. It didn't work during the first or second
election so move on. No one cares enough to do anything about it and
the joke is old anyway.

The actual counterpoint I have to Cris's review is the lame jokes about
Guantanamo Bay. Over the top scenarios, something maybe Sacha Baron
Cohen could cook up, I can see really enjoying. But HK2 falls short of
that by so much that the scenes in the beginning at the jail looked
like they belonged in "Ernest Goes to Guantanamo Bay."


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Anonymous said...

I thought that HK2 was high art.
- Jimbo Carp fr