Thursday, April 17, 2008


Outlaw. Another mysterious Netflix selection. Came in the mail recently and it looks interesting. British, violent, crime drama. I like Sean Bean, why not?

First impression. This is a fairly large budget movie with big stars. But it has a strangely small production values. Extremely shaky filming. Like Blair Witch on stationary targets, 10 years later. It's not original or appropriate, and just ends up annoying you. Then there's the lighting. Maybe they couldn't afford enough lights for the set? The director was no doubt trying to be edgy with these effects, but failed miserably.

The story we follow is thin, and doesn't really stick with you. Why are these people doing this again? Why do they keep quitting then coming back then quitting then showing up again? Sean Bean looks like what he's supposed to be I suppose, but Lennie James (I only know him from Snatch..., oh and Jericho) was a terribly unconvincing Barrister.

I always like Bob Hoskins, I think Outlaw could have used a bigger dose. Overall, the movie came in with low expectations, and barely lived up to that. Not interesting, well shot or well acted. Maybe if you're doing something and need background noise, but please don't pay a cent to view this.

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