Monday, June 16, 2008

In Bruges

In Bruges. The other day I was with a couple of friends, and we needed a movie to watch. Something to please the crowd, why not try a movie that not many people know about. Less objections that way. Anyways, I had In Bruges on a DVD, I wanted to watch it, it has Colin Farrell(to please the ladies), so there you go.

Let me preface with this : I do not like Colin Farrell. At all. I think he's a terrible actor(Miami Vice, Daredevil, Alexander, S.W.A.T - his IMDB page is a pretty depressing list) and the persona he presents to the public is a total A-hole. I've never been happy to see him in a movie, or even thought he did a good job. If you've read my blog before you know I also don't like Ralph Fiennes. The good news? Intriguing premise, and Brendan Gleeson was good in the latest Harry Potter movie...

We open on the charming town of Bruges, Belgium. Beautiful Gothic buildings, Venice-like canals, and an apparently thriving movie industry. Our two assassins(Farrell and Gleeson) stay in a small hotel, waiting for word from their angry, potty mouthed boss Harry(Fiennes). The scenery is great, and mostly unknown cast performs admirably. We want to know more, to keep watching them. Dialogue is meaningful and effective, and the music is always appropriate.

What's most amazing for me is Farrell. I really liked him. He was amusing, charming, even cute in glasses. His interactions with Gleeson are funny and feel natural, I genuinely enjoyed seeing him. Fiennes was also a virtual tour de force. He was strong and effective, perfectly suiting his position. I really liked this movie. Really, really liked it. It might take over my 'top movie reviewed' title. I would recommend it to pretty much everyone, I am pretty sure I'll buy it.

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"...even cute in glasses".
What chu talkin' 'bout Ilyas?