Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Leatherheads. An old timey movie about the fledgling beginning of professional football in the United States. George Clooney starring, Clooney directing. You can definitely tell. Clooney is certainly a talented actor, but when he directs it feels like a long exercise in showing us all brilliant he is, which is not nearly as much as he thinks he is. He's much better in movies directed by other people.

So the style is ok, a little too quippy, snap-snap-snap. Which is much much less appealing when the one liners are lame as post-1921 FDR. The football action is ridiculous, and it is probably supposed to be. John Krasinski is apparently very cute, and he was funny I guess. Rene Zellwegger
seems like a weaker version of her Roxie Hart rendition(which wasn't that great in the first place).

There were a few laughs, and some real stupidity. Honestly there isn't that much to say about Leatherheads, it was pretty unremarkable...

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