Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Raconteurs

The Raconteurs. So no movie last night, but I did do something fun. Why don't I write about it, you ask? What do you think I'm doing right now, silly. Honestly I expect more from my readers...

After work, some friends and I headed over to South Boston, had a lovely dinner at Boston Beer Garden. Buffalo Chicken was eaten, Bud Light pitchers were consumed. Then we headed over to the Bank of America Pavilion(Why don't they have their own web site? Lame as an American Gladiators loser. Why pay naming rights on a venue then not even make a web site for it? Idiots). It's a large outdoors'ish area, right on the water. The weather was perfect, the night was beautiful. We walked around a bit, people watching, looking up future BOA Pavilion events, commenting on the exorbitant concession prices($10 beer, for real).

After checking out the whole outside, and making sure the Sox were winning, we were ready to go in. Our friendly usher informed us that the double letter rows were in front, and the single letter were behind them. We were row "L" so this was bad news. But nowhere there is really that far away, so I was fine with our seats. After sitting down, we notice the whole row in front of us is college meat heads. Frat boys smoking weed and acting like idiots in general.

One of them had a notable T shirt on. The back read :

Getting kids buzzed
since 2002

781 710 9851

Let me ask you, how can I not call that number? So over the protestations of my friends, I call. Ring, ring, ring -- voicemail : "Hello, this is Irving ... " click. I figured it was a land line and gave up. A few minutes later, the kid wearing the shirt reaches in his pocket, takes out his phone. I get poked in the side
"Dude, he's gonna call you"
"He's so gonna call you"
Lo and behold, my cell phone starts ringing. Caller ID : 781 710 9851
Coolly I answer : "Hi Irving, what's up?"
"Hey man"
"How's it going?"
"Who is this?"
"Are you enjoying the concert?"
"Who the F--- is this?"
"Turn around"
"Turn around"
At which time he turned around, to see me grinning at him. I have a new friend. Apparently Irving is a barber in Melrose, and this is how he tries to drum up business. No one has ever called the number on his shirt before. Frat boys love us, I got my funny story, we're off to a good start.

The opening act, the Black Lips(who I've never heard of) was ok, they sounded kind of generic. Raconteurs were awesome. Jack White played piano first, then sang, then electric guitar, then acoustic, then back to electric. I'm a big Jack White fan, and he certainly didn't disappoint.
Good Venue, good music, good company. Fun night, I'd recommend seeing the Raconteurs if you like-a the rock and roll.

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Dan and Heike Boisvert said...

I wouldn't be caught dead drinking Bud Light. It was all Miller lite.

Get it straight Cristopher.