Thursday, May 29, 2008

American Dreamz

American Dreamz. As has been the theme lately, I'm home and available(between phone calls) and I have HBO. American Dreamz was on today and it looked less than terrible. Not much less, I really wasn't expecting much here, but as you know that's never stopped me before.

Dreamz is a movie that begins as a parody of American Idol, following the premise of a talent search reality-type show, following a few characters including the British host, and the travails of the American President who is struggling to improve his public image.

Little do you know, but I'm actually a sucker for Hugh Grant films. I kind of like the whole blink-awkward-blink, stutter, awkward-blink-awkward routine. I haven't liked all of his movies(Music and Lyrics) but others surprisingly weren't so bad(About a Boy). Mandy Moore is surprisingly unattractive, but also surprisingly perfect for the part. Sam Golzari's big eyes and open face also fit his character quite well.

The movie flows well, and most of the casting is pretty good. Willem DaFoe is in a new part for him, and nothing is too over the top silly for me. If you come in with low expectations, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised, as I was.

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