Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Flock

The Flock. Crime suspense, with some elements I like. I'm a big fan of Claire Danes(unfort Mugs isn't) and Andrew(Wai-Keung) Lau. Lau is an stylish director, making the Infernal Affairs series among other films. Richard Gere manages to make a not terrible movie every once in a while, how can I not check it out?

Set as a taut abduction thriller, Gere and Danes seem to have good antagonistic chemistry. Not cops, both agents track and keep up with registered sex offenders in an area. We explore a dark world, where no one on either side is a good person. Molesters, murderers, abductors, and just twisted fetishists are explored, and indulged. I don't have a ton to say about it because it was mostly things I'm not dying to talk about.

Very dark, and very creepy The Flock doesn't leave you feeling good. It is well made, and well acted, but I can't imagine it being mainstream with the subject matter. I'd like to recommend it
because it is a good movie, but it is definitely disturbing and not for everyone or every mood. Proceed with caution

Well, this was a short review and Top Gun is on TV. I'll talk about it for a min. Some parts of it are so terribly dated. I can't imagine finding Kelly McGillis attractive, and the bar scenes are insane. However, the soundtrack is stil rock solid, and when Goose dies, it still gets one a bit choked up. How can you not flip to it when it's on?
PPS* did you know Maverick's replacement partner Merlin was Tim Robbins? Me either...

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