Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Lucky You

Lucky You. So last night I was waiting for the Sox game to start, and checking out all of the HBO channels. Mugs wasn't home and my dad was snoozing, so I watched the worst movie on TV at the moment. Lucky You. Two things you should know about me :

I hate Eric Bana with a passion.
I am a very good, and very experienced poker player.

I thought one would be a plus, one a minus for watching this horrible horrible movie. Nope, they're both negatives. Eric Bana is terrible, annoying, lisping, stupid, and lifeless. Drew Barrymore is useless(here) and Robert Duvall is completely wasted in his role. But that's not the worst. The poker action in LY is ridiculous. They went through the trouble of using a real poker room, and including all sorts of real life poker professionals. Then what do they do? Make it stupid, unrealistic, annoying and predictable. Whoever wrote this putrescence has obviously never played poker in their life. I would imaging they can't even spell poker. Drew Barrymore's character in the movie knows more about poker than whoever penned this. Seriously, it's more than I can handle, a day later.

Enough bad things. You already know I don't recommend it. Surprisingly there were a couple of good things. Debra Messing isn't terrible(yes that's a positive). Also, I liked how degenerate and obviously out of control Huck(Bana) was. He really was a problem gambler. Until the happy ending of course. And Horation Sanz. I love that portly bastard. Those small things keep it from surpassing Magorium as the worst movie reviewed. Congrats(golf clap)

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