Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Pootie Tang

Pootie Tang. When I came out with my top 5 list, I was asked by a coworker about 'Pootie Tang'. I saw it a long time ago I think, but I didn't really remember it. That isn't necessarily a bad sign, as I've most likely forgotten more movies than most people have seen. I'm not holding it against PT. So I got it from Netflix, and here we go.

Pootie is written by Louis CK, who I think is a terribly underrated and hilarious writer and comic. I was sad when Lucky Louie was cancelled after just one season. Our star/hero is Pootie Tang, played by Lance Crouther who hasn't done much else. But the ensemble cast around him is great. Chris Rock plays a number of roles, and the hilarious JB Smoove(who was most recently fantastic in Curb) is his lifelong friend and sidekick, Dave Attell is the right-hand man of the bad guy, and Jennifer Coolidge is the (very abusive)evil seductress, and the off the wall Wanda Sykes is our female protagonist/voice of reason.

Pootie speaks charming gibberish, and he's always too cool for whatever situation he's in. The film is campy and terrific, and I loved every minute of it. Each character is well cast and well placed, and the movie is short and sweet. We even have a couple of actors from the Wire, Dirty Dee and Froggie.

If you like silly comedies, check it out.

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