Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Top Movies.

Good morning huddled masses. Throughout my life, people have often asked me what my favorite films were. Now that I'm a budding Movie Review Professional(I have earned a whopping $0.66 so far), I get the request more often, and I feel a responsibility to share.

So, now for the long awaited list of my favorite movies. Please leave comments about your favorite movies, or any questions you have about my choices. People don't leave many comments, lets get that ball rolling.

1) My favorite movie of all time is the most finely crafted comedy ever made. Credit to credit laughs, memorable catch phrases, jokes applicable to real life. A terrific cast, even a mediocre soundtrack. The breakout role for the highest paid actor in Hollywood. I've seen it over 100 times.
Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.

2) With number two, I change pace. A sentimental favorite, I have loved this movie for a long time. If it doesn't pull your heartstrings at least a little bit you're a horrible robot. Jimmy Stewart being Jimmy Stewart.

3) Number three is another movie that increased American Vernacular. Fun catch phrases, a terrific soundtrack. The best collaboration between two real life friends, and it gave hope to losers everywhere. Plus he made Wayne's head bleed.

4) Next comes the second movie on this list that I can basically watch scene for scene in my head. Viewing with me is either a lot of fun or horribly frustrating, as I laugh before each joke arrives. My favorite scene from the movie is one I misunderstood for about 7 years. I quote it daily, and use a couple of the phrases more often than you know.
Princess Bride.

5) To round out my top 5 (yes I'm stopping at 5 for now. I can do 6-10 another time) I am adding my favorite martial arts film. It's a remake of a classic, starring my favorite martial artist of all time, featuring him beating up approximately everyone that f's with him. I would definitely not kick him out of bed.
Fist of Legend.


Anonymous said...

That has to be the strangest "top movies" list I have ever read. Maybe we could have a "top books" or "top albums" next?

Anonymous said...

I formally throw down the glove for a battle of the "Top Movies" list...come on people!

Natalia Espinal said...

What's the scene in Princess Bride?

Yoni said...

I can watch Matrix 1+2 over and over like Princess Bride. Before I moved to the US, my two favorite movies were Neverending Story and You Only Live Twice (Bond flick).

Ilyas said...

Natalia, it's where Buttercup runs into Vizzini et al in the forest, I always thought Vizzini said 'we are four lost travelers' even though there are only three of them. But he actually says 'we are poor lost travelers'. It still cracks me up.

Yoni, in Neverending Story when the rock guy starts talking about The Nothing, and 'these hands' I still get choked up

Anonymous said...

Get a life.

Ilyas said...

unfortunately I did, which is why my blog is so terribly far out of date.