Monday, March 24, 2008

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. The latest installment of the movie swap stars Marilyn Monroe. The lovely miss Monroe was the object of obsession for a period of my friend's life, resulting in her collecting all things Marilyn(posters, magazines, trading cards), including all of her movies. Yes this is a little creepy, but she's a nice girl so we'll let it pass.

Believe it or not this is my first Marilyn movie. Blondes is a musical(loosely) that also stars Jane Russell. The ladies are a musical act(on Broadway?) that is horribly dated. Mugs said they were dancing like 60 year old women. We are also subject to the ya-ya-yammering of Monroe's millionaire sap(fiancee) whom she kept calling daddy(yes, as weird as it sounds).

The women decide to take a cruise to France, without the fiancee. The US Olympic team is on board, however, as well as a number of rich men, young and old. Hi jinx ensue. We are treated to a number of musical numbers, including :
The Oh-so-creepy almost naked(flesh colored short shorts-with sweat stains) male gymnasts tumbling and flexing
The Uber-bizarre human chandelier in the Paris revue
The cool-to-see "Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend" performance that inspired the Material Girl video

Monroe has a constantly breathless way of speaking that I was able to handle for a movie. As I watch more we'll see if that grates on me. She does have quite a stage presence tho, and I'm intrigued by the stories of her nervousness and bouts with all sorts of substances. This is a fun movie, and has some historical significance. It is quite dated though, and a musical(much to Margo's dismay). Make your own decision :)

**Small correction. I have seen Some Like it Hot before, I didn't remember Marilyn was in that.

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