Wednesday, March 5, 2008

the Darjeeling Limited

the Darjeeling Limited. I am a big fan of Wes Anderson films, I haven't seen anything of his that I didn't like. I tried to watch this movie Tuesday night. I fell asleep. Ok, bad night. I tried to watch it again last night, we both fell asleep. Yes we started the movie after midnight both times, but this is a bad sign. It's very very slow, and not very attention grabbing. I think by now I've seen most of it, and I've seen very little that's remarkable. I will try to watch it again this weekend or next week. For now, I'm holding off on a full review.

What else have I been up to? Monday night is now bridge night, you can see results in my links on the left. So far Annette and I are 3-0 in three weeks. Last night trivia again. After a tough start, we came back strong, finishing in second place thanks to Norman's knowledge of the final round answers.

Terminator : the Sarah Connor chronicles ended this week. I liked the show, and the conclusion. I just didn't like how it was hyped ahead of time, like there was some huge twist coming. That kind of cheap crap isn't necessary. People were going to watch it anyways, now some are disgruntled. This weekend is the series finale of The Wire. I'm excited to see it, disappointed it's going to end. Oh well, hopefully tonight will be There Will be Blood and homemade pizza. Yum :)

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