Sunday, March 30, 2008


Waitress. This was a request by Margo from a few weeks ago. Then she never wanted to watch it, so I gave up and checked it out. What did I expect coming in? A little movie where Keri Russell gets to show her stuff, some cheesiness, just a cute little indie flick.

Ok, so we're in a diner. Somewhere in the south, Mississippi it seems. Keri Russell bakes pies. Lots of pies. And daydreams. She is stuck in a boring job, and a loveless marriage. Her husband(Jeremy Sisto) is an angry, abusive(verbally, emotionally, then physically), and extremely needy man. Jenna(Russell)'s coworkers are inane but good hearted, and her main customer is an enigmatic old man who seems to be superfluous to the plot.

Jenna finds herself pregnant and her new doctor is Dr. Pommiter (Nathan Fillion from Firefly). It has taken me a long time to get to my main point. This movie is weird. Weird weird weird. People are bizarre, relationships are strained and quirky, the movie is filled with strangely named Pies!

It's hard to describe what's so out of the ordinary, but the movie is far from what's expected. I think it didn't do well commercially because people couldn't even nail down what genre it truly belongs in. You'll have to see it to truly appreciate, but one certainly might not like it. Worth viewing IMO, but don't say I didn't warn you.

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