Sunday, March 16, 2008


Awake. Came in from Netflix last week, I just never got around to watching it. A friend wants to borrow the DVD, so why not knock it off while I have some free time. Got home early cause we won our 9-ball match this week!

So who is in this movie? Jessica Alba and Hayden Christenson. This does not make me hopeful. As much as I love Alba(and Margo can attest, that's a lot) I don't remember her ever being in a movie that made me say "that was a good movie". Except for ... nope, never a good movie. Oh wait, Sin City. That was a good movie, but her part was pretty inconsequential for me.
Hayden Christenson however, finally found a part written for him.
"You're under general anesthetic. You can't move. ACTION!" As much as it seemed like he thought that was his role in the Star Wars movies, it wasn't. He was also pretty wooden in Jumper, so I am glad he's lying down.

Terrance Howard. Now there's an actor. He excels in every role he's in, and he seems to be making a daily, non SAG rate. I don't understand why that's not a story, and some day I'll find out more about it. Shooter McGavin and the goofy guy from Short Circuit are doctors, and playing serious roles.

Christenson needs a heart transplant, and he wants his friend(Howard) to perform the surgery.
The process begins, but he retains consciousness without the ability to do anything except feel pain and have out of body experiences. This allows him, and the viewer, to see all of the twists and turns that take place in this anything-but-ordinary procedure.

Awake is well paced, interesting, and just a good movie. I was pleasantly surprised throughout, as all of the actors seem well casted, and the dialogue was effective. I would recommend it for almost anyone, check it out.

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