Sunday, April 6, 2008

An Affair to Remember

An Affair to Remember. I have two more classics to watch before I get back to my Netflix queue. A friend lent me 'Affair' a couple of weeks ago, but the first time I had to run out of the house in the middle of the showing. Home on Sunday, just put the laundry in, lets check it out.

Affair stars Cary Grant, one of history's most remarkable screen presences. He's handsome, confident, so self assured. He seems like he could make almost anything watchable. At 53, he still comes across as vibrant and full of youthful energy, wooing a much younger woman doesn't seem quite so ridiculous(as say, Fred Astaire). Opposite Grant is Deborah Kerr, who holds her own quite well. Pretty and coquettish, Kerr trades looks and quips with Grant stride for stride.

This is another film set on an ocean cruise, as many movies in the 50's seem to be. Mugs and I have discussed trying to imagine that being the big style of a swanky vacation. Journeys greeted by ticker-tape and a dock of awaiting friends and family. Voyages being such a big deal. Can't. I can't imagine.

The story is nice, and is the inspiration for Sleepless in Seattle, among other films(though it's a remake itself). One can't help but be charmed by Grant and Kerr, definitely recommended if you're in the mood for a slightly cheesy romance.

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