Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Becoming Jane

Becoming Jane. Another Victorian movie with a weak premise and mediocre actors. Anne Hathaway is hot, but other than Devil Wears Prada(and Havoc to some extent) she is a really sub par actress. James McAvoy, similarly was good in Last King of Scotland but really seems to be getting along by the fact that women find him attractive. Pretty weak for the mains in a big production movie. I wish I could blame it on the writers strike, but Hollywood kind of sucks these days.

Another thing that bothers me : Hathaway(an American) is playing a Brit. And McAvoy(a Scot) is playing an Irishman. Are we supposed to be stupid and not notice? Hathaway at least pretends to have a British accent, but McAvoy maintains completely his Scottish Brogue. Not one word he utters sounds authentic. If you were Irish OR Scottish wouldn't that make you upset? I'm willing to speak out. Make it stop, now! There are plenty of European actors with experience, looks, and ability. Lets get some people who are actually from the country they play to be from. Please, I implore you.

If you're engaged in crude fisticuffs with someone, hitting, being hit, and someone speaks your name. Not yells, not shouts urgently but speaks. Do you stop fighting completely and stare at them? Apparently James McAvoy does, and gets knocked out. Repeatedly.

When one makes a film that's supposed to be gripping, you're supposed to care about the characters? Hathaway and McAvoy were completely unlikeable. They started out vapid and annoying, and just declined from there. My co-worker said I should name the review 'Becoming Lame' I agree.

See at your own risk.

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