Monday, June 16, 2008


Semi-Pro. I love Will Ferrell. The man is hilarious. He could comedy his way out of Ft. Knox. Fuh reals. Sort of like Leatherheads, Semi-Pro is a period piece about the end of the ABA, and teams trying to get into the money filled NBA.

Ferrell plays Jackie Moon, the Owner/coach/power forward/entertainment coordinator for the Flint Tropics, a sorry franchise in the Midwest. They seem to have one good player(Andre from Outkast) and a tiny fan base. We follow Moon through all sorts of crazy promotions, and his strange shouting awkwardness. It's pretty common Ferrell, and if you're not a huge fan then you might think it's old or unoriginal.

As I said, I'm a huge WF fan, but for me the extras made the movie. Andre was funny, Woody Harrelson was well cast, Andy Richter is always funny, and we even had the always off-the-wall Rob Corddry(who Mugs loves). However funny you find it, Semi-Pro stays that funny throughout, barely changing pace.

Worth watching if it's on TV, check it out while you're doing something else and you won't be disappointed.

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Yoni said...

My wife and I WERE disappointed. We love Ferrell too (we re-watched Blades of Glory and Stranger Than Fiction when noticing them on TV lately). But we could not get into Semi-Pro at all! However, finding out today that ABA was an actual league was a nice surprise. I still think the plot and most jokes sucked. We were surprised to see a sports comedy disappoint us so bad, because we're usually big fans (although we also didn't love Talladega Nights).