Friday, June 27, 2008

Hot Fuzz

Hot Fuzz. Funny looking, critically acclaimed action comedy from the makers of the immensely popular Shaun of the Dead(which I have never watched, re: Zombies, afraid of - me). I've wanted to see it for a long time, but never did for some reason I can't explain. It was on HBO, I dvr'd it, so here we are.

We open on a montage of a policeman(Simon Pegg who co wrote the film), the most effective officer of the London force. He excels in all things academic and physical, and seems to always "get his man". Far from endearing him to coworkers, however, this makes him the object of resentment and jealousy. The upward chain of command is the hilarious trio of Martin Freeman, Steve Coogan, and Bill Nighy. They soon exile Sgt Angel(Pegg), sending him to a sleepy village in the country.

As I said I haven't seen Pegg's other movies, but he seems very well suited to the part. He is anal and condescending, while still being funny. Sidekick Danny(Nick Frost) quaintly seeks fellowship and approval, working his way into our affection. I'd like to see Frost in more roles. The movie moves quite well, and keeps you on your toes somewhat. The violence gets a bit over the top to be honest, but it's palatable.

Fuzz should make you laugh and cringe, and will probably make you want to see other projects from this team, like Shaun of the Dead, and Run Fatboy Run. I'd recommend, if you can handle a bit of gore. You even get the immensely powerful screen presence of Timothy Dalton, who really simmers.


Anonymous said...

How could you not have seen Shaun of the Dead?!!!!!!!!! It's a MUST SEE. Hot Fuzz was pretty good but Shaun is high art. Do some zombie desensitization and then go and see it. - Jimbo Carp fr (not a zombie just laid back)

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen Shaun of the Dead either but I loved this movie. Timothy Dalton is hilarious.