Saturday, June 14, 2008

Iron Man

Iron Man. I'm a comic book guy. I'm a Marvel Guy. I'm a movie guy. Our big decision last night was whether to see the Hulk or Iron Man. I hate fighting opening nights, even at the crappiest movie theater I've ever been to(the one near my house) so we chose Iron Man. After purchasing our tickets and incredibly greasy buttered popcorn, we sauntered into the 50 seat room with a hole in the screen. Yep, that's the Cinema experience. Woo Hoo

I have been very hard on comic adaptations in the past, as I was an avid comic reader in my childhood. I also hold it against a movie when I think it doesn't stay true to its source, or isn't as exciting or interesting as the original. Iron Man, you've been warned.

So Robert Downey Jr., hm ... Good casting I guess. Snarky and glamorous, he has the look as well as the attitude. Terrance Howard is good in everything he does, and I've always been a fan of Gwyneth Paltrow(sadly Mugs isn't). The story is paced well, and keeps us interested throughout. Jeff Bridges is terrific as the menacing father figure(can you believe that's Lebowski?), and the main terrorist is suitably evil.

The effects are integrated perfectly, far from over the top. One of the two movies made by the brand new Marvel Studios, I am happy. I think they stuck to the story well, and are set up for a series. Not the best movie I saw this week, but I liked it.

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