Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Recount. HBO tv movie about the 2000 US presidential election. When it came out I thought it was going to be some weird documentary, but it turns out it's a legit movie with real star power. It also stirred up some old anger.

I remember the 2000 election, watching the results as they came in across the country. Gaping in disbelief at the parity of the results. I honestly could NOT believe that George Bush was going to be our president. That idiot, with nothing going for him, whom no one seemed to be backing. I didn't understand what was happening. Then the whole Florida debacle. My parents lived in Florida(Dade county) at the time, but neither of them could vote at the time. Because of the election, my mother became an American citizen, for the right to vote against Bush next time.

Recount was definitely made by liberals. It shows all of the actions by Democrats and Republicans beginning on November 7th and ending on December 13th, one day after the recount was officially declared over. I got mad watching this. Really mad. I knew what had happened, and how it was going to turn out(duh) but I still got really heated. Riled up. I almost had to stop watching. While it unfortunately affected 'date night' with Mugs, I think that's a sign of a good film. It achieved its purpose quite well.

What's funny is that I'm not really a Democrat(I've voted Green party in all three presidential elections I've been old enough for). I just hate the republican platform so much it pushes me into the arms of their enemy. I was more outraged at the 2000 presidential election than when Ah-Nold was elected(I was living in CA and voted no for Davis' recall), and that's saying quite a lot.

Kevin Spacey is terrific, and I am not sure who Dennis Leary's character is supposed to be, but I hope he has a wicked heavy Boston accent. Laura Dern plays the hopeless, pathetic Katherine Harris like a pro, and all of the casting seemed effective. If you're a republican, you won't like how your party is portrayed so I'd steer clear. But if you're on the fence, or left-leaning at all, check it out. But don't leave anything breakable nearby.

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