Tuesday, January 1, 2008

30 Days of Night

30 Days of Night. Alaska, Vampires, good previews, Josh Hartnett. Sure, I'll give it a try.

Set in the Alaskan city of Barrow, where the sun goes down for an extended period of time(30 days exactly in the movie, 65-67 days in real life) and Vampires seem to have discovered this phenomenon. Seems like a good idea for Vampires, right? 30 days of night? If they could remove garlic and wooden stakes from this town it might be a Vampirey little utopia.

So Vampires attack this town. With much gore and high pitched screeching(which I'm sure my neighbors didn't love) they slaughter the people of the town, leaving blood pools all over the snow and various building floors. Our little group of survivors hides out in an attack, which the rest of town is besieged. Then they go to a store or office of some sort, after collecting supplies from a local shop. There are a large number of vampires, in a small town, many of them in elevated vantage points(they hang out on roofs). I assume they have ears, and probably noses, but they seem to not notice whenever our protagonists move around.
7 days pass without a whimper. No food or water problems. No waste management problems, no vampires getting curious about the one building with lights on and sounds coming out. Then 18 days have passed. What? The passage of time in this movie is beyond crazy.

A large number of people sacrifice themselves to save everyone, some in very inefficient ways.
The Vampires seem to just run away when their leader is killed. And we lose our main hero as well.

Badly thought out action, and just way too far out concepts for us to swallow. Idea could have been good, but ends up just being the second worst movie I saw this weekend...

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