Friday, January 4, 2008

Resident Evil : Extinction

Resident Evil : Extinction. Wait one second. A movie came out in 2007 that was the third in a series? That's ridiculous. I don't believe it. Pinch me.

Coming in, I expect :
Milla Jovovich kicking some ass
Weird infected creatures (not Zombies, I don't watch Zombie movies)
Some scenery in the fuuuuuu tuuuuuure

I got what I wanted. Milla Jovovich(actually many of them) kicking ass in her red dress. She'salso developed some pretty strong PSI powers.
Weird, shuffling, mindless creatures milling about and groaning(sounds like zombies right? Wrong! Not Zombies - this is an important distinction for me). Wiki incorrectly lists these as Zombies, but I know they aren't. You cannot convince me otherwise.
Also, a vision of the post-apocalyptic future. Which was surprisingly similar to the future in like 100 other movies. Ali Larter was also in it for fans of Lost. ** It's Heroes I guess. I don't watch either of them cause I missed the boat. Thanks for the correction :)

If I played the game Resident Evil I prolly would have loved it. But I got what I expected, and I was satisfied. Watch it on TV if you can.

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David said...

Yo Cris! Good Post on RE: Extinction! Just one thing: Ali Larter is in Heroes not Lost.