Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Gone Baby Gone

Gone Baby Gone. I watched this movie last night, after killing my friend Dan at pool then watching the season premier of The Wire. Quick note on The Wire : still a great show. I do think the premise of this season feels a bit forced. They didn't flow into it like other seasons. However, I'm sure they'll make it great.

Back to movies. Gone Baby Gone had a lot going for it. Set in my old neighborhood in Dorchester MA (where the Wahlbergs are from), I liked it already. This is an authentic Boston Movie. How was it not at least as popular as The Departed? It's a terrific movie, and IT'S NOT A REMAKE! I can't really explain how much it frustrates me that Scorsese won best director for remaking mostly shot for shot a Chinese movie that was better than his. That's not good directing! AARGH!!!

OK. Ok. ok. I've calmed down now. Just don't talk to me about The Departed.

So, GBG as I'll call it cause I don't want to type out the whole name. GBG was well directed(go Ben), well casted, well acted, and just plain jolly well done. Casey Affleck is showing that he is a great actor, and capable of being the star of a big movie. His better half is the always lovely Michelle Monaghan(who was great in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Mi:III). Well, usually lovely, as she looked pretty ordinary in GBG. I think it was on purpose tho, this wasn't the part for a knockout. Ed Harris was his usual commanding powerful self, and Morgan Freeman seemed genuine, like I haven't seen since 10 items or less.

Good story, good movie length. Can you tell I liked this movie? One small complaint. Casey sometimes seems an awful like Ben when making a speech. Which I don't really like, but what can he do? It's genetic. I think this should win awards, go see this movie.

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Yoni said...

This one is a two-fer since I never heard of 10 Items Or Less. Thanks!
Plus, completely in agreement on the subject of "Infernal Affairs IV: The Bad Remake That Should Not Have Been Nomindated For Best Director, Let Alone Best Screenplay Adaptation (More Like Translation)!!!"