Saturday, January 5, 2008


War. War starred Jet Li. This may be a strange thing to say, but I kind of want to have Jet Li's children. I think I would watch a movie about zombie spiders if it was starring Jet Li. Jason Statham had more camera time than anyone in War, but for me Jet Li is the main actor.

Basically, FBI(Statham) agents are following a war between Yakuza(Japanese) and Triad(Chinese) gangs in LA. Jet Li is kind of playing both sides, and killing people left and right. We see lots of kick ass martial arts, Li and Statham, some fun Asian film stars, even Devon Aoki. Who I'm a fan of. Latino 'that guy' Luis Guzman has a nice little part, and my fiancee likes him so that's good. I loved him in 'Waiting'.

There's sword fighting, a twist at the end, and some cool cars. I wasn't expecting a good movie, so I wasn't disappointed. See it if you are a fan of Li, Statham, or Aoki. Otherwise, wait for TV


Yoni said...

I was under the impression Jet Li was done making films after Fearless. Was that an urban legend or did he break his promise?

Ilyas said...

He said it was his last "Martial arts Epic"

This was certainly not a martial arts epic