Monday, January 21, 2008


Cloverfield. I, like many people, have been intrigued by this movie ever since the strange, informationless previews started hitting the public. I have a couple of people at work who can't seem to not talk in explicit detail about movies I want to see. Even when I ask them again and again not to. It's a holiday weekend, a theater near my house is playing it, how can I NOT go see Cloverfield?

No intro, no opening credits. I like it so far. I had heard that the handheld-camera style shooting can be disconcerting at first. Correct. I also heard that one gets used to it. Mostly correct. We open with a silly Dept. of Def. looking stamp, like this film is evidence of an incident. Trying to lend authenticity I guess, tho it's not like this is Blair Witch or something.

The first real shots we have are a couple hanging out, then people preparing a goodbye party for "Rob". I got most of the characters mixed up at first, cause white people really do mostly look alike. The only actor I recognized in this movie was TJ Miller. From the TV show Carpoolers, in which he plays the exact same character. In small doses it's quaint, funny even. He did get some laughs in the film. However, for a whole movie, it grates on nerves like Jar Jar Binks. I spent a lot of the movie hoping he would die, just so I wouldn't have to listen to his horrendousness anymore.

There's a ton of action, legit scary scenes. Some 'make-you-jump's and NYC getting the crap beat out of it. Like "I am Legend" I don't really understand how this movie was PG-13. There were a lot of kids at this movie, many of whom were scared poop-less at certain times. They also seemed to love talking during the movie. I don't imagine the people reading this are the people who do it, and if you are I don't imagine that this will change your habits. But please, SHUT UP during movies. It aggravates me to no end when people are making stupid comments loudly during movies. If you don't like it leave. Or don't go in the first place. There's a social contract, to respect the other people who spent a lot of money to be there. Civilized people wait in lines, use turn signals, and don't talk during f-ing movies.

So... I liked the movie a lot, and I'm glad I saw it in the theater. Fun movie, and pretty exciting. You'll even get to see a preview for an upcoming Star Trek movie.

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I have the all white people look the same problem constantly when watching movies.