Sunday, January 27, 2008


Hitman. I love Tim Olyphant. I liked him before Deadwood, but since then I can prolly be considered a fanboy. I'd pay good money to have him stomp around my apartment looking mad with his jaw clenched. Anyways, Hitman was a moderately interesting video game, now made into film starring one of my favorite actors. Am I going to miss this movie? If you said no, you obviously don't know me :)

We open with a training/indoctrination montage, that reminds one of the training Spartan boys received to make them killing machines. Then we get into Olyphant and the killing. This is what I'm watching the movie for. Running around, acting badass, wearing cool outfits, killing fools. This is what #47(where I came from, they don't give us names, they give us numbers) does. And he does it well. At times this movie reminds me of Leon(which was one of my favorite movies).

The female lead is Olga Kurylenko, who I've never seen before. If you can get past the choppy English, she does a great job. Indignant, then moving to a more Stockholm Syndrome-ish attitude, Olga provides legit eye candy. She's actually going to be a bond girl in 2008. The main Interpol guy is a little annoying, but his sidekick is kind of cool. We have a nice four-way bald headed fight, and overall the movie delivers what it promises. Some light hearted fun and a lot of action. If you like the game, Olyphant, or lots of killing, check it out.

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