Thursday, January 3, 2008

No Country for Old Men

No Country for Old Men. Wow. That is my reaction to this movie. Wow. I liked it a-laht.

Beautiful scenery, good acting, and most of all simplicity. I love the simplicity of this movie. No twists and turns, just straight ahead. Like the villain. Slow, inevitable, nigh on unstoppable. Javier Bardem is terrific in this movie. He embodies what scares me about Zombies, but he has intelligence behind it, and I think in his head he is enjoying his interactions with people who have the misfortune of crossing him. His Spanish accent seems to come and go, which bothers me a tiny bit, but that's almost the only thing I didn't like about the movie.

I liked all of the characters, the settings, the dialog. I didn't realize Tommy Lee Jones was in this movie, and he had a terrific voice-over and a nice little part as a Sheriff. Really, I could have watched and listened to his character all day. He should dictate books on tape. I'd 'read' more.

Anyway, it is a little violent, and a little slow. Neither is a problem for me.
Not for everyone, but I highly enjoyed it.


A said...

I heard the ending sucked. Is that true?

Ilyas said...

well, the ending was unsatisfying for some. Honestly I wasn't in this for the linear story :
Development -> Conflict -> Resolution

If you want tied up loose endings, you won't like the ending, I just enjoyed the ride.

Yoni said...

I finally saw this and definitely agree it's not for everyone - fast paced thrills combined with watching paint dry. It makes me think of Japanese films, which have a lot of non sequiturs and don't bother explaining plots and characters (leaving many things unexplained). I loved it, my wife didn't (but really liked the bad guy and the concept). You were spot on! Thanks for the review, which motivated me to go see it.