Tuesday, January 15, 2008

TV Update

Sunday/Monday I watched a couple of really moronic movies. Not like bad(good), but not worth reviewing/uninteresting bad. So I'll talk about some of the TV I've been watching.

First, for a reason, The Wire. I know this isn't an original thought but this is the best show on television. Terrific acting, great writing, unparalleled realism. They don't take sides, and they don't overwhelm you with star power. People become famous from being on the Wire, not the other way around. My question is this : why are shows this good so rare? I don't know what makes it so, but can't we get those people to do more projects? Lets use this talent.
If you can't take violence I guess don't watch it, but if you're curious at all, get the Season 1 DVDs and check it out. You won't be a sheep, you'll be a fan.

Sunday/Monday I watched the 'TWO NIGHT PREMIER' of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. The show doesn't particularly focus on Sarah over Jon or even their pet terminator, but it's not a bad name, just slightly inaccurate. I like this show a lot. They pick up from after T2, acting like that was the last movie. This seems like a good move, and leaves us a lot of time and room to work with. The the mains are pretty good :
Thomas Dekker is no Ed Furlong, but he's a better Jon than Nick Stahl (not a bad actor, just not J Connor)
Lena Headey is pretty kick ass, tho LH was crazy ripped when T2 came out. Lena is prettier tho.
Summer Glau is the best part. I remember her from Firefly/Serenity, and she has that same foreign/not quite right look all the time. I think she's a terrific personal Terminator.
Anyways, the show has suspense, a bit of humor and a lot of good action. I like it so far.

This got longer than I expected, so I'll stop for now. Tho I'll say I'm already getting sick of American Gladiators, and I don't get what people like so much about Prison Break. Hasta pronto faithful readers.

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