Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Great Debaters

The Great Debaters. So I was at work, waiting to go to trivia, so I decided to watch a movie. I was thinking Denzel Washington(correct), short movie(incorrect), light fare(also incorrect).

I actually liked this movie more than I expected(it to be terrible). However, it seems to have an identity crisis. Heavy racial issues in Texas in the 30's, and a fluff piece feel good team story. It has both. I like one of those, I don't like the other. You can guess which is which.

Big stars in this movie. Denzel Washington. Forest Whitaker. A Cosby girl, and um Denzel Whitaker. Really? One of the main actors in a movie with Denzel and Whitaker is named Denzel Whitaker? Weird, I say. I'm going to call the little one DW for now, I don't want to write out both names. Anyways, (the)Denzel is himself. Righteous, smirking, wiser than you. Honestly it's getting old. If he wasn't a terrific actor I think I'd start swearing every time he appeared on screen. Show some god damned range, please. Forest tho. He's my man. I love that droopy eyed bastard. Maybe it's because when I get tired my left eye half closes. Maybe it's because he has been innovative and diverse for his whole career. From Fast Times at Ridgemont High to Good Morning Vietnam to Ghost Dog to Last King of Scotland to Great Debaters. And the man is an opera singer !!

Forest is great. Denzel is mediocre, but the story is good at times. The first time Cosby girl debates, I was moved by her speech. The young male lead is pretty good, and there's some 1935 southern grit. Boston is painted as a beautiful place, which I like. If you're not expecting a great movie, check it out(tho I wouldn't pay for it).

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