Sunday, January 27, 2008

Confessions of a Super Hero

Confessions of a Super Hero. Billed as a documentary about celebrity character impersonators and their pursuit of fame, I was intrigued. I like slice of (strange)life documentaries like Starbucking, and Cowboy Del Amor. I also like super heroes so I gave it a shot.

We focus on four main people, a Superman, a Batman, a Wonder Woman, and an Incredible Hulk impersonator, all of whom hang out in front of Mann's Chinese Theater taking pictures with people for 'tips'. The Superman seems to be completely obsessed with Christopher Reeve and Superman in general, and his life is dominated by the impersonation. The other three seem to be looking for other acting jobs and achieving extremely mild success.

The documentary does a great job of neither mocking or glorifying the life, and really shows their outside life well. Three of the four are married(The Hulk isn't) and they talk about their lives before their alter-egos and what pushed them into that life. I was never bored, and was even a bit touched. I was so interested I watched all of the DVD extras to squeeze out all I could. If you like documentaries at all, please check it out.

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