Monday, January 21, 2008

TV Update

As I've mentioned, it's a long weekend, I watched/caught up on some TV. I have a lot of shows set up in my DVR, and I don't want it to fill up, so I knocked some out.

Threshold. This is an interesting looking show, Sci-Fi based. Aliens are invading. Very slowly :)
Since the DVR only saved 7 episodes, I saw the first 4 and last 3. Out of 13. That was enough. It started out well, interesting premise, good actors. Carla Gugino, Data, Peter Dinklage, and this guy. The crazy crazy technology stuff gets old though, and the show was cancelled before the story was over. A hasty ending ruined the last couple of episodes, I can't really recommend it as a whole.

Pinks. Sounds dirty, but it's a show about car racing. It's pretty cool, if you like cars I'd definitely recommend it.

The Wire. I wrote on this before. But after a couple of more episodes, I want to say this : When I watch The Wire, I am praying it doesn't end. I'm afraid to look at a clock for fear of acknowledging the passage of time and the impending finish of this episode.

Breaking Bad. New show on AMC, starring Bryan Cranston(the dad from Malcolm in the Middle). After one episode, I like it. Quirky, funny, and well made. I hope it sticks around for a bit.

Football. During the season, Football is a large part of my TV schedule. Pats are 18-0 and heading to another Super Bowl. Where they'll meet the Giants. Pats fans have been solid throughout the season. Always talking about how great this season would be. Sticking with Belichick during the scandal. Now we're ready to be crowned the Best Team Ever. Giants fans hid all season. Complained about Eli, whined about everything. Now they're all coming out of the woodwork. Praying the Giants can beat the Pats, almost to redeem their beloved Yanks who have been far surpassed by the Sox. Their biggest accomplishment of the season according to most experts was losing to the Pats. Lets hope it stays that way.

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