Friday, January 25, 2008

The Ten

The Ten. I remembered seeing like one preview for this a long time ago, then it disappeared completely. It just came from Netflix, so I threw it in the DVD player two days ago. When it was time to watch a movie, Mugs and I both wanted to watch 'The Kingdom' but we both hate getting up to change the disc. So we watched The Ten. Maybe tmi, but oh well.

This movie was the baby of David Wain, and Ken Marino. Two actors from my favorite sketch comedy show ever, The State. The movie opens with some Paul Rudd silliness. I find him funny, and he seems to be the face of Angst for his generation. However, he seemed to be a little too much like his character from Knocked Up here. That annoyed me slightly.

The stories start off well. There's a lot of craziness, over the top comedy. If you liked the State, you should definitely like this movie. Stories don't go where you'd expect, and they kept me laughing the whole time. Ken Marino is great, Winona Ryder is terrific, and looking great. Oliver Platt killed me as an Arnold impersonator. Jessica Alba has a small, and disappointing part for someone with top billing. I always like to see Liev Schreiber in a comedic role.

Basically, if you don't mind profanity and nonsense, with a few very inappropriate jokes and comments thrown in, check it out. Fun-Ne

(The Kingdom is coming soon)

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