Wednesday, January 2, 2008

I Am Legend

I Am Legend. Looked like a cool movie. Will Smith + Post apocalyptic + based on a story people seemed to like = I'll see it.

I've been excited to see this for a long time. Beautiful scenery, good action,
. The movie opens in present time(well, 2009) just when a 'cure for cancer' has been discovered. Obviously this goes horribly wrong, and everyone on Earth turns into a TURNIP!! No, Carrot! No, a bad guy. 90% die, 10% become a bad guy. Still interesting. Not as interesting as 600 million sentient turnips, but oh well, I didn't write it.

Will Smith has carved himself a little niche. All the food he wants, any car he wants (including a smoov Mustang, which must have been a product placement) and a nice little doggie. He talks to Mannequins and conducts experiments on bad guy rats. He's looking for other survivors and trying to find a cure to the problem.

That's all I'll tell you about the plot. Will Smith was great, and his dog was convincing. The scenery was great, and the CGI on baddies was seamless. Truly scary, PG-13 was pushing it even without any swearing, nudity or graphic violence.

I didn't love the ending, and the whole thing resembled 28 days later far too much for me. I know the story is older. I just mean the style of this particular movie. I still recommend it.


garboy said...

A PG-13 28 Days Later? Sounds... OK.
Thanks for the review. Will probably see it now.

Marissa + Scott said...

Glad you finally saw this. My sentiments exactly...I liked it the first time, when it was called 28 Days later. Oh yeah, and that movie had a much better ending.

Eff hollywood rip-offs, but you gotta love will smith.

garboy, don't waste your $$.

garboy said...

OK. I guess I'll wait for the one with the turnips then...