Monday, December 31, 2007

Eastern Promises

Eastern Promises. I've wanted to see this for a while, but not really enough to do anything about it.
It finally came from Netflix last week.

I came in with some expectations. Viggo: who doesn't like him? Naomi: One of my faves. Russian Mafia? You have my attention. Lets roll.

Slow moving, but well acted. Viggo(as Nikolai) is a rock. I like one of his lines :
"They called me the Stump. Because they could not shift me" I don't think I got that quite right, but it sums up his character well. Tattooed, chiseled, unflappable, Nikolai is a force in this film. That's enough reason to watch it by itself.

The plot itself didn't grab me, but Vincent Cassel and Viggo(an American and a Frenchman) make a great Russian Duo. Besides some gratuitous gore(two overdone throat slittings) the action is manageable. There's also a naked fight to the death in which you get to see Viggo's junk. Not my bag(no pun intended) but I'm sure that'll excite some. I hear Walk Hard opens with some male full frontal so this is a good primer.

Overall, get a good glass of wine, and make sure you're in the mood for a slow movie, then enjoy.

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