Monday, December 31, 2007

Aqua Teen Hunger Force colon movie film for theaters

Finally, finally I saw ATHF.
I love the show, and I've been wanting to see the movie for a long time.

Let me start with this : If you like the show, you'll love the movie. If you don't watch or don't like the show, I'm not sure how it will seem. Definitely over the top, probably nonsensical. Maybe not funny. I really can't say. My fiancee seemed to like it tho, and she didn't follow the show, so what do I know? (what a rhyme)


Zany, crazy-go-nuts humor, ridiculous plot, and all the characters from the show. There was a character voiced by Chris Kattan, a CIA agent played by H. Jon Benjamin (who is probably my favorite voice actor besides Steven Jay Blum), a burrito Tina Fey, a cameo by Space Ghost, and even a return of MC Pee Pants. What more can I ask for? Nothing. Nothing and nothing.

I was very happy with the film, and tomorrow I'll watch it over with the commentary turned on. I highly recommend the movie, with the reservations expressed earlier.

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