Friday, December 28, 2007

Kickin it Old Skool

Last night I watched Kickin It Old SkooL, a terrible Jamie Kennedy Vehicle I wanted to see for a few reasons. Most of them rhyme with "Knobby Knee"

Anyhoo, the movie opens on the childhood of a Break Dancer named Justin, his parents (mother from 70's show and shooter McGavin), and his friends/band of misfits.
They are the Funky Fresh Boys and they are going to perform in their middle school talent show, following Justin's love interest fresh off a disturbing-for-a-young-girl flashdance rendition.

Justin has a dancing mishap, and hilarity ensues. I wish.
Jamie Kennedy goes into a Coma for 20 years, yes 20 years. Now we're in the present time and we can all laugh about the differences between the 80's and the aughts(calling TiVo R2D2 etc). Har Har.

The band of misfits is now Justin, Juwanna Man, a fat latino (eating jokes? tired from exercising jokes? how refreshing), and the absolutely hilarious Bobby Lee !!

The love interest is now the gorgeous Maria Menounos and young breakdancing rival is now a big shot in the business with his own TV show.

There's one scene that I laughed hard at. A moment I'll call a SILBOW,
Scene I Laughed at But Others Wouldn't
Other than that, Bobby Lee is funny and um ... There's a dirty homeless guy who farts and pees himself(repeatedly).

Overall a pretty bad movie.
This is my first movie review on this blog. Deal with it.

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