Saturday, December 29, 2007


Last night I saw Juno. A comedy-drama starring my favorite under-20 actor, Michael Cera. I think it's becoming cliche to be a Cera fanboy/girl but whatever, he's popular for a reason.

This movie was very well acted. Ellen Page is terrific in the lead. Young, spunky, with a very pretty face. I imagine her following a Natalie Portman path, tho more comedy heavy. We'll see I guess. I wish there was more Michael Cera, but he was great in the scenes he got. JK Simmons(great Caesars ghost!) was a great father, gruff but a heart of gold. I liked Allison Janney as a step-mom, and there's a natural chemistry between Page and Olivia Thirlby, as they're friends in real life. Jason Bateman and Jennifer Garner are a convincing, quirky suburban couple who ilicit their share of laughs. The movie even opens with a great Rainn Wilson(of Dwight K Schrute fame) sighting, he totally steals the scene. I like to see him not just riding on Dwight to keep in our consciousness.

The soundtrack became an instant iTunes favorite, even if I wasn't crazy about it.

Overall, funny, entertaining, even touching.
See it, I say!


Marissa + Scott said...

Liked this one too, but I have one complaint: the dialog was too mature to be real. The girl was SO cool, she came off like the idealized high school persona of the film's writer, rather than a believable 16-year-old.

That said, she was fun to watch.

You see I Am Legend yet?

Ilyas said...

I agree about the dialogue. Not realistic for anyone. My one defense of it is that people seem to say she talks like that in real life. I'm sure it's exaggerated, but slightly easier to swallow.