Thursday, February 14, 2008


What? Another night without a film? This is becoming a no-movie blog. Pretty lame. But I must press on so that you, faithful reader, have something to do today for these 2-5 minutes. My post header is a play on the horribly annoying tendency people in Boston have of adding an 'r' to words like Pizza(er) and Monica(er).

Anyhoo, we won trivia last night. Kind of. We got the second highest score, but the winning team had too many people on it so we got first prize. We overcame a couple of hurdles to win. First, we had only four players, tho we got second place last week with 4 people too(max is six, the winning team this week had like 11). Second, we overcame a jinx we've had. My friend Norman(Ginger Gourmet), though wildly knowledgeable seemed to jinx our teams in past weeks. The prize was more than our bill, we made money playing :)

Before dinner Mugs and I went to East Asia. Which is probably my favorite restaurant in the world. Tiny and slow, you don't go there for the service. But if you're near Tufts and want some yummy chinese/thai food, it's right on Powderhouse circle there.

I got home and I watched some WEC. It's a great feeder league for the UFC. I've watched some HDnet fights. Good idea, bad fighters. Right now it's not really even worth watching.

Tonight is Valentines and a nice dinner, we'll see about the movie. Hasta pronto

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