Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Invasion

The Invasion(of the Body Snatchers). This is the Nth version of a classic scary tale. It's been a movie a few times, each time with a slightly different take. I saw the original('53) one a long time ago but I can't remember it; I'm just going to review this one as a standalone movie. I was waiting for trivia to start(we got second place!), and the movie length seemed to work.

The movie opens with Nicole Kidman franticly looking for pills at a pharmacy, mumbling to herself and looking all crazy-like. Then we snap back to how this all started. The problem seemed to come from outer space, and begins to spread to people all over. Kidman's ex husband Tucker(Jeremy Northam) is good as 'changed', he could play that role without changing. Daniel Craig is good as Kidman's boyfriend, I first remember him from Layer Cake and I don't remember not liking him in a film. He's so much a better Bond than Pierce Brosnan.

The kids are creepy, the pace moves. It fits with the recent rash of outbreak movies, and holds up fairly well. I wouldn't pay to see it in the theaters, but I think it's worth watching on TV or maybe renting.

**I have a confession to make. Yesterday I reviewed the movie having watched all but the last 10 minutes. I was in a hurry, I'm sorry. the last 10 minutes are so ridiculous/horrible I have to withdraw my recommendations. Seriously. They were more in a rush to finish this picture than I was to review it yesterday, just shameful.

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