Sunday, February 10, 2008

Factory Girl

Factory Girl. I like Sienna Miller a lot, so a while ago I added a few of her movies to my Netflix Queue and Factory Girl arrived last week. It looked interesting, and I wanted to learn more about Andy Warhol, so why not?

A biography of Edie Sedgwick, briefly popular model and socialite, this movie at least chooses subject matter which has not been supersaturated. The film sometimes feels like it is more focused on Andy Warhol, but this is partially due to Guy Pearce's terrific portrayal. Pearce has been in a couple of bad movies in the past, but I don't remember him ever turning in a bad performance. He really shines in Factory Girl.

This is a fairly boring biography, but it still managed to keep my attention throughout. I hope it was an accurate representation of Andy Warhol, because if not I now dislike him quite a bit for no reason. Hayden Christenson is good as 'Musician' reputedly a composite of real people including Bob Dylan. I always like Jimmy Fallon, and he shows here he can play something other than a doofus who's always cracking up at inappropriate times.

If you're bored on a Sunday(as I was) and don't expect to be blown away, it's at least worth a watch. If you can't stand slow movies or really really annoying people I'd say steer clear.

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