Monday, February 18, 2008

Knight Rider.

Knight Rider. I just finished watching a two hour long Ford commercial. I mean the new movie version of Knight Rider. Finally, they've resumed one of the coolest TV series' of all time, and it seems to be completely funded by Ford.

We have some formulaic baddies, rough and tumble good guy, and a kick arse car. The old catchy music is back, and the female lead is fairly striking. The car still talks(in Val Kilmer's voice), but now it can change form, and is protected by a nano-shield. It runs on gas, but seems to be somewhat less dependent on the driver.

The show sticks to the original(we even hear about the original KITT and get a cameo from the Hoff), and was pretty fun. It also sets us up well for a whole TV series. My problem was just that pretty much every car in their world is a Ford, occasionally a Volvo(a company owned by Ford).

Overall, Mugs and I are willing to watch the series, so it must have been a success for us.

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