Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Other Stuff.

So no movie last night. I know, I'm slipping. Instead I went to a Bruins game. Let me say, they are bad. Bad bad bad. Bad at passing, bad at checking, bad at shooting. It's like the Hurricanes were playing a different game out there. The score stood at 3-0 Carolina until near the end of the game, when the Bruins scored two strange fluke goals, within about a minute of each other. Suddenly it was a game. The third goal never came, and we lost 3-2 but they made it exciting for about 3 minutes. Player of the game : Sergei Samsanov. Why can't we get players like that?

Got home and watched the show 10 items or less. It's a fun, silly little show on TBS that airs after Office reruns. If you see it on, I'd say check it out. It has good writing, and some legit funny parts. This week's episode of The Wire wasn't up to normal standards. It was only as good as the next best show on TV. American Gladiators is still boring but I'm still watching it. I could give them like 5 suggestions to make it much better. One that's easy is : ALWAYS have them run the assault, it's everyone's favorite event.

Tonight is trivia, but I should get a movie in at some point.


Anonymous said...

F- the Assault! Bring back Atlas sphere!

Norman said...

You were at that game, too? I'm not a hockey expert by any stretch, but the Bruins were just plain outclassed. I was yawning half the time.