Wednesday, February 6, 2008

2 Days in Paris

2 Days in Paris. I must have put this in my Netflix a while ago and forgotten about it. Cute little french Indie flick, written/directed/produced by/starring Julie Delpy. Co-starring her good friend Adam Goldberg. A slow, 'real relationship' movie, we have a peek into the trouble an international couple can have while traveling. Issues are exacerbated by Adam not speaking the local language, and both characters having major commitment issues.

I was all ready with a rant about how both of these actors can't play anyone but themselves. I have liked Adam Goldberg since Dazed and Confused and Friends(he was briefly Joey's crazy roommate). His neurotic craziness is sometimes charming, and often funny. But besides The Hebrew Hammer(which I liked) he always plays himself. Which can get old.

While poking around IMDB for this review, however, I realized that Delpy isn't so one dimensional. She has played a lot of different roles, things I hadn't remembered. I guess I remember her most from Before Sunrise and Before Sunset each of which star Delpy as herself. Rant averted.

The movie is slow, but cute. It can get boring at times, and Delpy's character annoyed me so much it kind of ruined watching it for me. I don't think this is that common of a reaction though, so if you want a short, relationship Paris movie, check it out.

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