Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Fast Food Nation

Fast Food Nation. First a disclaimer: I understand that it was very different from the book. As are many many movies. I'm not someone who reads the book then watches the movie(in general). Most of the books I read aren't made into movies. I'm not sorry for this. So I'm reviewing this as a movie, not as an adaptation of a book.

We open with some folks sneaking over the border into the US, then we have a board meeting of a large(fictional) fast food company. Throughout the movie, we see jerky executives, struggling illegals, and disenfranchised youtts. They are all tied to the fast food industry, and float on its ebbs and flows. We're supposed to be disgusted at the procedures and contents of food, but we've become desensitized. Watching the Food Network and being informed ruin the shock value. Greg Kinnear is ok as a morally challenged mucky muck, and Wilmer(yo momma) Valderrama is terrible as a factory worker.

Slow and fairly boring, maybe watch this movie if it's on TV and you can do something else while it's on. We do get to see another Growing Pains actress all growed up though.

**I'm sorry I haven't been updating much lately. I've been busy and tired lately, and frankly I'm passing the suffering on to you. I'll try to be better this week/weekend.

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Marissa + Scott said...

Read the book and loved it, so of course the movie sucked. What surprised me was the extent to which it sucked. Sucked so much so that, even though I was morbidly ill and bed-ridden for 4 days, I couldn't stand watching it, and switched to something entertaining about halfway through. Probably the food network.