Friday, February 15, 2008


Rambo. John Rambo. Sly Stallone has decided to resurrect another franchise with 2008 release of his newest Rambo movie. Everyone kept telling me how bloody this movie was, but I didn't really believe them.

We open with some gory, terrible detail about the atrocities in Burma. Then we see Rambo, living his life in anonymity, wrangling snakes and being surly. We build, build, build, Some of the movie feels like a poor man's Apocalypse Now. The female lead is pretty whiny, and the missionaries are soooo annoying. Then we get to action! Action, killing, blowing up.

People were right, this is the goriest movie since... since... Hm, maybe Ichi the Killer was this bloody. That movie blew my mind a bit when I saw it. This did too. I think Rambo(2008) has the most maimings I've ever seen in a movie. More than Private Ryan(can you believe that's 10 years old?), more than Braveheart(13 y/o, wow).

Anyways, it seems like I don't have a ton to say about this movie, but if you like Rambo, or Sly, or action-action-action with lots of killing check it out. Really.

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