Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Jumper. Looked cool when it came out. Cool idea, I hope they do it well. I also am one of the few people who doesn't mind Hayden Christenson. Throw in Samuel L. and Rachel Bilson and you've got yourself a customer.

We start out a,b,c. Outcast kid who likes a cute girl. Kids pick on him, especially when the girl has a soft spot for him. Father is abusive, la di da. Traumatic event: Kid discovers powers! Move to a big city, use powers for evil. Mild evil. I like the jumping, things are going fine.

Samuel L. is a generic bad guy. He hunts these jumpers. Well. Chase, confrontation... blah blah blah. The action is pretty cool, and there seems to be some chemistry between Bilson and Christenson, more than with Portman at least. We have a cheeky little British helper jumper, and a tiny twist.

The movie is worth watching on TV, or in the theaters if you really need the effects on a big screen. Don't expect the next masterpiece, but it is kind of fun, and I'd watch the sequel if(when) they make it.

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