Monday, February 4, 2008

Busy weekend

I had quite a busy weekend, so I'll write about the whole thing. Friday after work I went to Boston Billiards again, where I converted another friend to the buffalo chicken wrap. Our waitress, who I hadn't seen in weeks was less than surprised at my order. This is one of a few places I could walk into and ask for my usual, and have 90% of the staff know what I want.

Pool was killing time until the main attraction of the night, comedian Bobby Kelley. The opening act was funny, but Kelley really showed why he is headlining now. He was hilarious. Saturday morning was frisbee practice, and I'll share a science lesson from my playing. When an elbow meets a nose, the elbow wins. Or more specifically, the nose loses. On an unrelated note, my nose is killing me. Friends visited from NY, and we all went out to Wagamamas, the noodle place from Europe that has now trickled into Boston. Delicious noodles, then onto Finale. If you know me, you know I'm not a dessert guy, but I had molten chocolate cake, gelato, and sips of my friends' ice wine. I'd do it all again! Three couples came home to our place, and we played Newleywed Game(the board game). Now, the movie.

We watched a DVD of mine, Green Street Hooligans. Originally I watched it alone, and really liked it so I bought it. Elijah Wood plays the impressionable follower well, and Charlie Hunnam is fantastic. Good movie about soccer and hooligans, tho my friends and Mugs didn't love it.

Sunday morning, we watched another of my DVD's. This one I haven't seen before. Korean gangster/drama flick called A Bittersweet Life. Slow, violent, and sometimes funny, it was about what I expected. Throw in some weird torture methods, and this movie is worth watching if you don't mind it being verrry slow.

Sorry for the brevity, but I have another review to crank out in a minute

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